Tax Exemption / Resale Certificates

California and Nevada state law now requires Jewelry Supply to have a signed Resale Verification Form on file, with your State Sales Tax Permit Number to qualify your purchases for Tax Exemption. If you have not yet ordered from us, but are thinking about ordering some time in the near future, you may want to complete our Resale Certificate in advance.

Click Here to Submit a Resale Certificate

This Resale Verification Form must be updated at least every 4 years.

This Resale Verification Form is a declaration that you have a valid California or Nevada seller's permit and, once signed and sent to us, allows Jewelry Supply sell to you without collecting tax on certain items.

Basically, the Resale Verification Form states that you (the buyer) certify that you are purchasing certain types of items from us:

  1. For resale in the regular course of business without intervening use in the regular course of business.
  2. For use as an ingredient or component part of a new article of tangible personal property to be produced for sale, and/or
  3. As a chemical to be used in processing a new article of tangible personal property to be produced for sale.

If you have more questions, please contact:
California State Board of Equalization - https://www.boe.ca.gov
Nevada Department of Taxation - https://tax.nv.gov