Christmas Charisma WireLace Bracelet

Christmas Charisma WireLace Bracelet

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This project follows similar instructions to the standard Charisma WireLace bracelet, but this version uses only two colors instead of three. So, we will adjust accordingly

You will need
  • 90 inches of Color 1 3mm WireLace
  • 90 inches of Color 2 3mm WireLace
  • Simplicity Magnetic Clasp
  • Swarovski BeCharmed Bead
  • 90 inches of Emerald 3mm WireLace
  • 90 inches of Grass 3mm WireLace
  • Olive Simplicity Magnetic Clasp
  • Swarovski BeCharmed Bead
Silver Bells
  • 90 inches of Pale Silver 3mm WireLace
  • 90 inches of Titanium 3mm WireLace
  • Silver Simplicity Magnetic Clasp
  • Swarovski BeCharmed Bead
  • 90 inches of Red 3mm WireLace
  • 90 inches of Merlot 3mm WireLace
  • Red Simplicity Magnetic Clasp
  • Swarovski BeCharmed Bead
You will also need
  • Rigid board, for making a jig
    • Option 1: 7 x 3 inches (7 inch length must be exact, width can vary)
    • Option 2: 7-1/2 x 3 inches length must be exact, width can vary)
  • Bamboo skewer with blunted tip or Needlepoint needle #13 or larger
  • Two-part clear drying epoxy
  • Toothpick to mix epoxy
  • Scissors

Let's Begin

  1. Use either Option 1 or Option 2 for the board. Create a simple jig that makes it easier to layer and stack the WireLace. To make the jig start with a 7-1/2 x 3 inch board. Cut out a notch on each short side that is 1/4 inch deep half the height of the board. These notches will make half the board 7" with a 1/4" step on both ends. Use the step to help layer and stack the WireLace. To change the length of the bracelet simply change the length of the board/jig and adjust the WireLace as needed.
  2. Make the WireLace Jig
  3. Cut 60 inches of color 1 WireLace. Leaving a 2 inch tail, clip of hold one end on the short edge of the jig near the notch. Wrap the WireLace 6 times around the 7 inch part of the board. Layer each wrap on top of the previous one, keeping the WireLace smooth and flat. Tie the ends with a square knot on the end/edge of the board then slide one tail under all the color1 strands.
  4. Step 3 of WireLace
  5. Using color 2 WireLace, repeat step 3, wrapping color 2 over the color 1 strands. Separate the tails.
  6. Step 4 of WireLace
  7. Tie a square knot on top snug to the strands so there is no gap between the knot and the strands.
  8. Step 6 of WireLace Step 6 of WireLace
  9. Using color 1 tails tie a square knot around all of the strands. Knot should be snug to the strands leaving no gap.
  10. Step 7 of WireLace
  11. Take color 2 tails and tie a half square knot next to the color 1 knot to keep the color 2 strand from moving.
  12. Step 8 of WireLace
  13. Slide the WireLace off the jig. Squeeze and roll each end between your fingertips to tape the ends. Slide the BeCharmed bead to the center of the WireLace. Trim the ends flush to the knot.
  14. Step 9 of WireLace
  15. Mix a small amount of 2-part epoxy and fill the clasp about 1/4 full. Let clasp sit with well-side up to allow glue to fall to the bottom while you apply glue inside the other clasp end. Put a dab of epoxy onto the knot end of the WireLace and insert into the clasp.
  16. Using a blunt needle or bamboo skewer that's had its sharp tip cut off (to avoid tearing the WireLace), push the WireLace into the clasp to make sure it's fully inserted. Wipe off any excess glue that seeps out. If needed use a damp cloth with isopropyl alcohol to wipe off excess glue before it dries. Repeat on other end and allow to dry.

Enjoy your new Christmas Charisma Bracelet

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