5 Minute Two-Part Epoxy

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  • _HIDE_KEY_1: Sets in 5 minutes with strength up to 1,500 pounds per square inch
  • _HIDE_KEY_2: 2 tubes includes; 1/2 ounce tubes
  • _HIDE_KEY_3: Dries clear
  • _HIDE_KEY_4: Water resistant
A five-minute solution for bonding materials, this two-part epoxy allows crafters to quickly make repairs when crafting in a short period of time. The epoxy can be squeezed from the tubes in equal amounts, mixed together, and then directly applied to the surface of the materials. Each application sets in five minutes, and fully-hardens in 15 minutes. This product is great for use in an emergency or when re-bonding materials back together again! This five-minute epoxy kit contains two .5 oz tubes.

Includes two 1/2 fluid ounce tubes.
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