Violet Sparkle Earring Project

Violet Sparkle Earring Project

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1) Take one of the 2-hole Rivoli settings and one of the French Hook Earwires. Open the connector loop on the earwire and attach to one of the loops on the Rivoli setting, and then close the connector loop securely.

2) Thread one Light Amethyst Bicone onto a headpin. Make a wrapped loop with the remaining wire, making sure to attach the loop to the other loop on the Rivoli setting before finishing the wrapped loop. (Because this fit is fairly tight, make sure that the actual loop on your wrapped loops are a bit larger than ususal. It will be enough to grab onto with your pliers while you're wrapping the loop closed.) Trim off any excess wire with your Side Cutters after you're done wrapping. Repeat this step with two Indian Sapphire Bicones and one more Light Amethyst Bicone.

3) Repeat steps #1 and #2 with for the other earring.

4) Squeeze equal amounts out of each tube of epoxy (the resin and the hardener) onto the piece of paper. You don't need much (about a dime size of each) and stir the both together with a tootpick until the mixture becomes slightly tacky. Place a good sized amount on the tip of the toothpick and place a couple of dabs of epoxy throughout the "cup" portion of the Rivoli setting. (You need enough to hold the Rivoli stone in place, but don't coat the inside of the Rivoli setting with epoxy or air can't get to the very center to cure all of the epoxy) With the epoxy in place, set one Rivoli stone into each of the Rivoli settings and allow to cure completely for about 24 hours before wearing.

Quantity of Items Needed
4 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Light Amethyst (AC4023)
4 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Indian Sapphire (AC4395)
1 5 Minute Epoxy (GL450)
8 Head Pin 1.5" 24 gauge Silver Plated (HP115)
2 Rivoli Setting 2-Loop 14mm Pewter Antique Light Silver Plated (RS051)
2 Swarovski Rivoli Round Crystal 1122 14mm Crystal Vitrail Light (RS4017)
2 French Hook Wire With Bead & Spring Surgical Steel (SH201)
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