Pendant Angel Bracelet Project

Pendant Angel Bracelet Project

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1) Cut 10in length of Beadalon beading wire.

2) Thread wire through clamshell and tie a knot. Close clamshell over knot.

3) Attach split ring to the charm, using Split Ring pliers, and set aside.

Start your beadwork.
6mm Peridot Pendant Bicones
6mm Lt. Colorado Topaz Pendant Bicones
6mm Jonquil Pendant Bicones
String 4 of the same color bead, then 4 of the next color until pattern is complete.

4) Thread clamshell, tie knot and trim excess bead cord. Close clamshell.

5) Attach the clasp to each end of your work, by closing the loop on the clamshell around both parts of the toggle.

6) Attach split ring/charm to toggle.

Quantity of Items Needed

10" Beadalon Wire .018" 30ft Bright Silver Color 49 Strand(FW018)
2 Clam Shell Bead Tip 3.5mm Cup Sterling Silver (BD215)
1 Angel Charm 30x22mm Sterling Silver (CM0114)
24 Swarovski Bicone Pendant 6301 6mm Light Colorado Topaz (CP6039)
24 Swarovski Bicone Pendant 6301 6mm Peridot (CP6040)
24 Swarovski Bicone Pendant 6301 6mm Jonquil (CP6370)
2 Split Ring 5mm Sterling Silver (SS415)
1 Square Toggle Clasp 14mm Sterling Silver (TC925)

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