Easy Wrapped Ring

Easy Wrapped Ring

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1) Take the 8" length of SR120 and place the center of the wire on GA155 one size smaller than the intended size. (If you have very strong fingers, then bend the wire around the mandrel on the intended size, not a size smaller.)

2) Wrap the wire twice around the mandrel so that the ends are of equal distance from the center of GA155. Make sure the wire going around the mandrel are not crossed the second time around, just lined up with one another.

3) Hold the wire against the mandrel very tightly with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Take the top wire shank and make a 90 degree angle with it facing down. Take the lower wire shank and bend it so that it makes a 90 degree angle facing up.

4) Continue to bring the ends around in the opposite directions (while holding the wire tight against the mandrel ) until the wires are at opposing 30 degree angles.
Slip the ring off the mandrel and hold PL492 on the middle and lower shanks on the left side of the ring.

5) Wrap ends of the wire three times around the shank wires at the top of the ring (in other words, the bottom wire will be wrapped around the top wire, then looped around the two three more times. The top wire will be wrapped around the bottom wire, then looped around the two wires three more times.)

To Finish.
6) Cut off wire ends at an angle with PL495 as close to the shank wires as possible.

7) Put the ring back on the mandrel and tap it gently with HA105 (the nylon side)

8) Check the size, this ring can be stretched one half size larger if necessary.

** Make the swirl ring the same way, just don't stop at the opposing 30 degree angles. Make a pin wheel design by continuing to bend wires in flat circular pattern around each other using chain nose pliers to hold it flat until you have the swirl design. Stop swirling when the wires are on opposite sides of each other laying perpendicular to the wire shanks. Wrap the wire ends around the wire shanks two times and then cut at an angle with PL495. Remember to put the ring back on the mandrel for tapping with a hammer before wearing.
** For any ring that has a bead on top, take the 8" length of SR120 and bend the center of the wire at 90 degrees. Thread the bead/crystal on the upright section of wire and make another 90 degree angle with the wire. The bead will look like its on a hairpin, with both wires lying parallel to each other. Using GA155 (because this mandrel has a flat side to it) put the bead in the groove so the wires are pointing away from you. Press down firmly on the bead and wrap just like the first ring.
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