Dew Drop Earring Project

Dew Drop Earring Project

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1) Cut two 4" lengths of 16ga Sterling Silver Filled Wire. File the ends of the wire if needed. Position the end of one of the wire lengths over the largest mandrel on the Wrap and Tap Pliers. Roll the wire over into a circle. Reposition the wire so that it's on the other side of the pliers and on the middle mandrel. Roll the wire over into a circle. With your Round Nose Pliers, roll the excess wire just so it curves over and then cut the excess with your Memory Wire Cutters. File this end so that it's smooth.

2) With your Sharpie, mark the top center of the larger loop that you made in the previous step. This is where you will attach the ear wire for this earring. With your eye note on the lower loop where the middle is and mark 2mm to either side of this with your Sharpie. This is where the Briolette Crystal will be attached by a Jump Ring.

2) Cut about a 2' long length of 28ga wire. Begin to wrap the wire around the larger 16ga wire, adding various Sterling Silver Filled Beads along the way. Make your wraps tight and close to one another to secure both the wire and the beads that are attached to the heavier wire. Work slowly and try to not kink the wire up as you're leading it around the thicker wire. 28ga wire is small enough that if you notice any kinks with the wire as you're wrapping, simply nudge it back into place with a smaller tool such as tweezers or small jawed Chain Nose Pliers.

4) Take one of the Ear Wires and really open the loop at the base. Slide this over the larger wire at the mark you made in step #2. Close the loop securely. Take a Briolette Crystal and use a Jump Ring to attach the Crystal to the lower loop of the wrapped wire.

5) Repeat all steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
10 Round Bead 2mm Seamless Sterling Silver Filled (BD446)
20 Round Bead 3mm Seamless Sterling Silver Filled (BD448)
10 Round Bead 4mm Seamless Sterling Silver Filled (BD449)
2 Swarovski Briolette Pendant 6010 13x6.5mm Crystal (BR6000)
2 Jump Ring - Open 6mm Sterling Silver Filled (JR342)
1 Spool of Artistic Wire Non-Tarnish Silver Plated 28ga (NT228)
8" Round Wire 16ga Half-Hard Sterling Filled (SF216)
2 Lever Back Ear Wire 16mm Sterling Silver Filled (SH319)
1 Memory Wire Side Cutters (PL781)
1 Wrap & Tap Pliers Medium (PL749)
1 File Set 5 piece (FL900)

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