Sterling Silver Filled Wire Round Half Hard 16ga (1-Ft)

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  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Sterling Silver Filled
  • Wire Thickness: 16 Gauge
  • Shape: Round
  • Style: Half Hard
  • Temper: Dead Soft
  • _COLOR: Silver
  • _SimpleColor: Silver
This Sterling Silver Filled Wire is available in a minimum length of 1 foot up to a maximum continuous length of 10 feet.

Shape: Round Wire
Temper: Half-Hard
Thickness: 16 gauge

Sterling Silver Filled Wire is created by bonding a thick layer of .925 Silver to a Brass wire core. This is the same process used to create Gold Filled. Our Sterling Silver Filled products are 1/10th Sterling Silver, or 10% of the product weight. Unlike Silver Plating, which can wear off over time, Sterling Silver Filled products will last a lifetime. Sterling Silver Filled Wire is a less costly alternative to Sterling Silver, yet it retains the same beautiful appearance.

Remember the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. For reference, the standard gauge of Sterling Silver Filled Wire used to make earrings is 20 gauge.

The terms “dead soft" and "half hard" are terms that refer to the stiffness of wire.

Half-Hard Wire - Some stiffness and retains its shape when bent. Ideal for earrings, clasps and hooks.
Dead Soft Wire - bends easily and will conform to almost any shape. Great for wire wrapping and making chain.

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