You Have a Point Bracelet Project

You Have a Point Bracelet Project

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1) Take your 12-14" length of leather cording and fold in half. Make an overhand knot about 1" from the folded center. Make sure that thsi loop isn't too large, but you do want it to fit over the button.

2) Pull about 2 meters worth of 24ga magenta artistic wire and wrap about six times around both lengths of leather cording right next to the overhand knot you just did.

3) Slide a spike bead on the wire and position it so that it sits directly on top of both lengths of leather cording. Take the wire around and wrap three more times. Bring the wire around and slide another spike bead onto the wire and position it like you did before. Repeat this same step over and over again until all of the spikes have been secured to the leather cording.

4) Wrap the wire around both leather cords six times and then snip off the excess wire. Make an overhand knot right next to the wrapped wire and then thread the button onto one of the leather cords. Join the two leather cords together again with the last overhand knot (make sure that you allow enough space around the button so that the other half of the bracelet can still fit over it). Cut away the excess leather cording and the bracelet is ready to go! (Make sure the the wire ends don't irritate your skin as you wear the bracelet. Snip the wire ends further if this is a problem).

Quantity of Items Needed
12-14" Leather Cord 2mm Copper (LC2122)
1 Round Coin Button 17.5mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated (BT240)
1 Spool of Artistic Wire Spools 24ga (20-Yd) Magenta (CW2409)
21 Czech Glass Spike Bead 13x5.5mm Purple with Gold Luster (CG2106)

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