Woven Cuff Bracelet Project

Woven Cuff Bracelet Project

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** This bracelet is a little tough in the beginning. You will need to have strong hands to pull the cording through the chain links. If your hands become tired during a session, use the tweezers to help you out. Total time for this project took a weekend to complete, so work in short spans to minimize frustration and reduce strain on your hands. **

1) Make sure that the 44" of chain is broken down into seven 6" long lengths. Thread the length of cotton cord onto the first link on all seven links of chain. Position the seven lengths so that they are in the center of the waxed cotton cord.
2) Take the left hand cord and go through all of the second links on the chain. Take the right hand cord and go back through all of the second links on the chain, making sure that the cord stays on top of the left hand cord as you're going back through the chains. Now repeat! The now left hand cord goes through all of the third links on the chain. The right hand cord goes through all of the third links again, making sure that the right hand cord sits on top of the left hand cord. Continue to go back and forth with the cording making sure that the pattern is always right cording over the left in the chain links.
3) Here's a big tip when you're weaving! Coat the very end of the cotton cording with a thin layer of glue. Allow it to dry and then snip the very end off with scissors or side cutters. You should be able to slide the end of the cording through the chain links a bit easier now that the friction has been reduced and the cording end is a bit more compact. You will have to wrangle the chain weaving around to create space to fit the cording back through, and this will also create some space to fit the tweezer end through the chain link to pick up the cording end to pull it through.
4) When you come to the end of the chain lengths, you'll need to attach the end of the bracelet to the beginning. Do this by following the same weaving pattern back into the first row of chain links. (While all of the chain links have been passed through twice, it's a bit more tough because you have chain links on either side of this space. This first link only has a link on one side, so the spacing will accommodate three cords)
5) Thread two of the plastic silver plated square beads onto each of the cording ends. Trim up the cording ends and make an overhand knot on the end of each cording end. Make sure that you don't trim the ends too short. You need to have enough length to make sure that the bracelet can easily be fit over your hand and the cords should be long enough that you can pull the ends closed to wear the bracelet.

Quantity of Items Needed
44' Chain - Rolo 7mm Antique Silver Plated (CN776)
1 Package of Waxed Cotton Cord 2mm Black (WC2102)
1 Beacon 527 Glue (GL527)
4 Bead - Square 7x7mm Plastic Sterling Silver Plated (BD2362)
1 Tweezers (TW736)

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