WireLuxe 20mm Sprig (9 Inches)

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9 Inches


  • Length: 9 inches
  • Width: 20mm
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: WireLuxe
  • _COLOR: Orange
  • _SimpleColor: Orange

WireLuxe is a unique knit wire with an open weave center and a tight knit edge. The combination makes a soft, flexible knit with a firm structure than can be formed into varying shapes by pulling on the edges. WireLuxe is made with tarnish resistant, nickel-free material providing a vivacious metallic shimmer coupled with rich colors.

It's easy to create jewelry with WireLuxe. You can cut it with scissors and the self-locking knit won't unravel. WireLuxe is perfect to wear as is or to embellish with seed beads, flat backs or with an additional silk weave.

Sprig WireLuxe is a warm blend of Fall colors including orange, red, yellow and green, packed as a 9 inch length in a resealable package.

WireLuxe Luxury Knit Wire WireLuxe is a brand new type of knit wire, with a striated open weave center and a tightly knit edge creating dramatic contrast in a soft and flexible weave. WireLuxe is very pliable and can be manipulated into a variety of shapes by gently pulling on the edges. This flexible wire weave can be used to create a wide band necklace that will lay flat on your neckline.

WireLuxe Luxury Knit Wire

Design Idea

WireLuxe Blue Crystal Bracelet

The versatility of WireLuxe allows to create in unique ways. Pull WireLuxe gently to fan it out and make waves.

Add end bars and a clasp to make a luxurious bracelet. Or simply thread it through a Swarovski Crystal Pendant to make an elegant drop necklace.

WireLuxe Red Crystal Pendant Necklace
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