Wedding Day Briolette Chandeliers

Wedding Day Briolette Chandeliers

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1) Take two EP025 and open the loop slightly with PL491. Put one Briolette on each and close the loop.

2) Cut off all but 1/2" of the remaining wire with PL495 on ONE of them. Create a loop and attach to the uppermost hole on PD2015. ( Make sure the loop created is fairly large )

3) With the other brioletted EP025, just make a loop ( you won't cut off any excess wire ) and attach to the middle loop at the bottom of PD2015.

4) Take two HP335 and thread one CD6000 and one DG4001 onto each. Cut off all but 1/2" of the remaining wire with PL495.

5) Create a loop with PL491 for each Head pin. Attach each on of these HP335's to a loop on either side of the middle loop on the bottom of PD2015.

6) Take two more HP335 and thread one DG4001 onto each. Cut off all but 5/16" of the remaining wire and create a loop for each. Attach one each to the two outermost loops on the bottom of PD2015.

7) Take two JR243 and open both with PL490 and PL491. Attach one to the uppermost loop of PD2015. ( the same loop that has the first EP025 through it ) and the other to one SH405. Join both jump rings together and close each to form a link between the earwire ( SH405 ) and the chandelier part ( PD2015 ).
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