Wedding Charm Bouquet

Wedding Charm Bouquet

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1) After cutting all of the roses to the desired length, gather them up into a bouquet and wrap a rubber band fairly snug around the rose stems about 4" - 5" below the base of the flowers. Double check the position of the roses again and when satisfied of their placement, wrap the second rubber band around all the stems about 1" - 1 1/2" up from the bottom of them all. Make sure this rubber band is very snug (but not too tight!) and secure before moving on to the next step.

2) Find the center of the 1 1/2" wide ribbon and position this point on the backside of the bouquet (Line up the ribbon so that the bottom half will cover up the bottom-most rubber band too) Place a small drop of glue from the hot glue gun onto the ribbon and secure it into position. Be very careful not to touch the glue while its drying, as it will be hot. But, you can always hold the ribbon on either side of the glue-down point to keep the ribbon in place while its drying.

3) Begin to overlap the ribbon up the stems of the bouquet. One overlap in the front, one in the back and so on until you've reached the top rubber band. (While doing this project I found that if you flipped the bouquet over gently while overlapping the ribbon on either side, everything held together a bit better. I wouldn't advise gluing down each overlap point because you have no way of going back if you mess up.)

4) To finish this ribbon, simply wrap the ribbon around itself once more and place a small amount of glue under the finish point. To really make this look clean, leave about a 1/2" tail and tuck it into the bouquet. Any soft instrument will work for this as you don't want to pierce the rose stems with anything sharp.

To Finish.
5) Find the middle of the 1' piece of metallic ribbon and glue to the bottom of the bouquet just as you did with the wide ribbon. Now, unlike the wide ribbon you'll just do a simple overhand knot in the front and overlap in the back. Continue to do this up the bouquet stems and finish with a bow in the front. (You may want to apply a little glue here to make sure that the last overhand knot doesn't come loose as your completing the bow. Leave fairly long tails on the bows and cut off the excess.

6) If you want to add four charms to the bouquet, simply slide another length of ribbon underneath the second to last overhand knot (right before the bow) and make a double overhand knot with the ribbon. Leave fairly long tails on this knot and cut off the excess.

7) Take one of the JR432 and one of the ribbon tails. Fold the ribbon end in half (long ways) and thread through the jump ring. Flatten the ribbon back onto itself and use a small drop of glue in-between to secure it. (I also position the jump ring with the "open" part facing away from the ribbon, it makes it easier to attach the charms later...) Repeat this step with the remaining three charms and the remaining three ribbon ends.

8) Using PL490 and PL491 open each of JR432, one at a time and secure one charm to each. Make sure each of the jump rings are closed securely and you're ready to go on your big day!
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