Watch This Bracelet Project

Watch This Bracelet Project

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1) Lay the length of leather strap around your wrist inside out and gauge where to place the D rings for the clasp - keep in mind that the complete assembly will be approximately 31mm. This includes the D rings, jump rings and bar. Place a small mark with a sharpie on the strap (the whole reason for having the back of the leather strap facing out) where the measurements are.

2) Flip the leather strap around so now the leather side is facing you and the suede side is facing away. Slide one of the slotted D rings onto one end of the leather strap and position it so that the sharpie mark is just to the outside of the slotted D ring. Fold the leather strap around and mark with your sharpie marker again where the rivet is going to go through to secure the slotted D ring (make sure the mark is in the center of the leather strap). Make sure that this rivet is cinched up to the slotted D ring. You still want to have a slight bit of movement, but no slack. Make sure that your marks are even and then undo the whole bit. Pick up your hole punch pliers and punch through both of the sharpie marks that you made on the leather side of the strap -- DON'T punch through the very first sharpie mark that you made on the suede underside of the strap!! Slide the slotted D ring back onto the leather strap and then fit the rivet through the hole (making sure that the finished side is on the leather side and the rivet backing is on the suede side) Press on the rivet until you hear a click and this will secure the rivet until you hammer it closed. Use your riveting hammer to flatted out the top part of the rivet and lock it into place. Repeat for the other side of the bracelet and trim away the excess leather strap on both sides of the bracelet. Open all six of the jump rings and make a chain of two jump rings a piece to connect the bar half of the clasp to one of the slotted D rings.

3) Attach each of the oval jump rings to the watch face and then place the watch face the leather strap (make sure that the leather strap is laid out flat when you do this step). Note where the jump rings fall. They don't lie flat due to the profile of the watch face. Rather, they angle down. Take a pencil (or another writing implement that you can use that isn't going to leave a very noticeable mark) and lightly mark/imprint on the leather cording where the jump ring makes complete contact with the strap. Try to make these marks around the 3mm from both edges of the leather strap. Do this for the other side as well.

4) Pick up your hole punch again and punch holes in the marks that you made in the previous step. Now, open each of the oval jump rings and slide them through the holes that you created in the leather strap. Close the jump rings and you're done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Slotted D Ring 14x15mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (CL1320)
6 Jump Ring - Open 5mm Silver Color (JR553)
2 Jump Ring - Oval Open 12x6mm Silver Plated (JR863)
1 Rectangle Watch Face with Green Face 1-1/8" Silver Plated (WA536)
1 Leather Strap Olive (LC503)
2 Compression Rivets 4mm Brass Antique Silver Plated (CR800)
1 Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Pen (PN370)
1 Hole Punching Pliers - 1.8mm (PL134)
1 Riveting Hammer 2.5oz (HA200)

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