Timeless Vintage Necklace Project

Timeless Vintage Necklace Project

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1) Open up each of the jump rings and use them to attach the corresponding bail to the corresponding pendant.

2) Thread each of the bails onto the length of bail chain and then take the ball chain connector and connect each half of the chain to one another. Lay the necklace onto a flat surface with the indents on the pendants facing up.

3) Position the guide over the backside of the collage sheet where you would like to cut out and lightly trace the shape of the pendant cut out on the back of the collage sheet. With sharp scissors cut out the shape and test the fit in the inside of the pendant. You'll no doubt have to do some fine tuning (I LOVE embroidery scissors for this) so make a small adjustment and then fit again until you're happy with the fit (Tip - if you fit the picture into the pendant but can't get it out again, use a needle to get underneath the picture to set it free again) When you are absolutely happy with the fit brush each side with the Ultra-Seal and allow to dry completely. Place a small amount of glue onto the back of the picture and set it into the pendant. Repeat this same step for the other pendant and allow to dry before moving on.

4) Glue down the two crystal flatbacks on the larger pendant where you like and while the glue is drying, mix up a batch of resin.

5) Pour just enough resin into each of the pendants so that it's just level with the edge of the pendant. Use a straw to blow away any bubbles that rise up and use a needle to get any stubborn bubbles that may rise up as the resin dries. Allow this to dry for a day before applying the last coat of resin.

6) Mix up another very small batch of resin (like just a few drops of each) and then with your stir stick, drop one or two drops of resin onto each of the cured pendants. This will give your pendant and domed appearance. Allow the necklace to sit undisturbed for a day before wearing. Quantity of Items Needed
2' Ball Chain 3.2mm Silver Color (CN932)
1 Connector - Ball Chain 3.2mm Silver Color (CN803)
1 Bail 13x5mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated (BL115)
1 Oasis Bail 9x4mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (BL151)
1 Rectangle Picture Frame 34mmx18mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated (PF223)
1 Round Picture Frame 23mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (PF226)
1 TierraCast Picture Frame Template (FT1001)
1 Jump Ring 5mm Silver Color (JR553)
1 Jump Ring 5mm Antique Brass Plated (JR210)
1 Butterfly Collage Sheets by Nunn Design (CS1232)
1 Multi-Purpose Ultra Seal 4oz. (GL140)
1 Jewelry Resin Kit 2 oz. (JR1002)
1 Craft Brush with Metallic Handle (JR1011)
1 Graduated 1oz. Mixing Cups (JR1030)
1 Stir Sticks (JR1012)
1 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 4mm Crystal Luminous Green (RF4101)
1 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 3mm Crystal Volcano (RF3676)

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