The Jewel in the Lotus

The Jewel in the Lotus

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1) Open the 10mm Jump Ring with your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, slip on one of the 9" lengths of chain, the 3" length of chain and then the other 9" length of chain. Close the Jump Ring securely.

2) Open two of the 4mm Jump Ring and attach one half of the Toggle Clasp to each half of the 9" lengths of chain. Make sure these Jump Rings are closed securely.

3) Open the last 4mm Jump Ring and use this to attach the Om Pendant to the 3" length of chain. Make sure this Jump Ring is closed securely.

4) Thread one Tanzanite bicone onto one of the Headpins. Make a wrapped loop with the remaining wire, and be sure to attach the loop to one of the first links on the chain dropping from the 10mm Jump Ring before wrapping the loop shut. Use your Side Cutters to remove excess wire. Repeat this step for the remaining bicones and headpins, attaching each wrapped loop about 1-2 links down the chain from the one before it. The order is; Tanzanite, Dark Indigo, Aquamarine, Emerald, Sunflower, Fire Opal, Red Coral.

To Finish.

5) Make sure all of your wire cuts are tucked into the wrapping so that they won't catch or snag as you're wearing the necklace.
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