Tabac Frame

Tabac Frame

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1) Open all four of TR302 and put two on each of FR1413. Don't close the TR302s just yet.

2) Take two JR554 and open with PL490 and PL491. On each one, thread a CP8257 and a CP8044. Close these jump rings.

3) Take the two remaining JR554 and open with the two pliers. Attach one SH204 to each and then close these jump rings.

To Finish.
4) Take one jump ring that has the two bicone pendants on it, and attach to one of the triangle bails on the crystal frame. Attach the other biconed jump ring the same way to the other crystal frame.

5) With the other two triangle bails, attach the jump rings that have the earwires attached to them. Close all triangle bails with PL490 and PL491.
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