Strength in Beauty Bangle Bracelet

Strength in Beauty Bangle Bracelet

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Quantity of Items Needed
1Wire Bangle Bracelet
1TierraCast Symbol Charm
40"Silk String
40"Silk Ribbon
24"24 gauge Artistic Wire

Let's Begin

  1. Cut one 24 inch piece of Artistic Wire
  2. Secure wire to bracelet by threading one end through the bracelet closure loop approximately 1 inch, then wrap the long end around the coil.
  3. Trim or wrap any excess wire at the short end.
  4. String the charm onto the hook of the bracelet so that the image faces outward, and slide it around to loop.
  5. Fold your silk string in half. Pick up the ribbon and hold one end together with both silk string ends. Tie the strands securely to the bracelet next to the charm, leaving 1-½ to 2 inches as a tail.
  6. Begin wrapping the wire and ribbons together around the bracelet. Wrap loosely or tightly allowing the wire to show, and arrange to your desire.
  7. At the hook end of the bracelet, fold the ribbons back onto themselves and secure with the wire.
  8. Trim the excess wire and ribbon.
  9. Tie ribbon remnants next to charm for additional embellishment if desired.

Closing a bangle bracelet Silk strings and silk ribbon wrapped around a bangle bracelet Wrapped wired around a bangle bracelet
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