Spring Magnetic Bracelet Project

Spring Magnetic Bracelet Project

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Quantity of Items Needed
5 Spiral Tube with Rings 23x1mm Sterling Silver (ER212)
8 Jump Ring - Open 3mm Silver Plated (JR243)
2 Jump Ring Round Open 4mm Sterling Silver (JR405)
1 Magnetic Clasp 6mm Sterling Silver (MA665)
4 Swarovski Round Channel 8mm Peridot Sterling Plated (RC8440)


1) Using PL490 and PL491, open the two JR405. Attach one to either end of MA665. Before closing, attach one ER212 to each of the jump rings. Close the two JR405.

2) Open all eight of JR243 ( using PL491 and PL490 )

3) Beginning with either attached ER212, start the pattern of attaching either a RC8440 or ER212 to one another with JR243 as the connector.

To Finish.
4) Connect to the final ER212 that is attached to MA665.
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