Setting Sun Bracelet Project

Setting Sun Bracelet Project

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1) Cut a 10" length of cord from the spool and begin to thread a mixture of red beads and nickel seed beads onto the cording. Stop when you have about an inch threaded on.

2) Thread on a plastic metal bead, and then go back to threading on red beads and nickel seed beads** until you have about an inch and a half threaded on. Thread on another plastic metal bead, then thread on red beads and nickel seed beads until you have another inch and half worth of beads on the cording.

3) Thread on the last plastic metal bead, followed by about an inch worth of red beads and nickel seed beads. Take both ends of the cording and make a tight square knot. Snip off the excess cording tails with your side cutters.

4) Cut two more 10" lengths of cording from the spool and follow the same directions as above. Done!

** Don't worry about the cording twisting around one another and don't use the seed beads right next to the plastic metal beads. The seed beads are so small that they will go into the hole on the plastic metal bead.**

Quantity of Items Needed
3 Plastic Sterling Silver Plated 18mm Medallion Beads (BD2313)
1 Tube of Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Nickel Plated Metallic (DB0021)
1 Strand of French (White Heart) Red Bead 3.5-4mm (GB225)
30" Stretch Magic Cord Clear .7mm 25M
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