Riverwalk Earring Project

Riverwalk Earring Project

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1) Take one of the 5" lengths of wire and slide one of the pendants on so that it sits right in the center of the wire. Bend the wire so that it hugs the top of the pendant. This doesn't have to be a clean bend, but you do want the wire to be close to the form of the pendant - it will fit inside of the bead cap easier that way.

2) Slide a bead cap over the two halves of the wire so that it rests on top of the pendant. Pull the wires gently so that the slack is removed and the pendants "locks" into place. Slide one 8mm bead now over the two wire halves and allow it to rest on top of the bead cap. With your Chain Nose pliers, make a 90° bend with both wires a little from the bead cap so that you can make a wrapped loop.

3) Make a wrapped loop using your Chain and Round Nose pliers. When wrapping with both wires, don't go for clean - per se. You still want this wrapping to securely hold the beads so wrap fairly tight, but allow the wire to bend where it may - giving the earrings a more relaxed, free-form look. Tuck the ends of the wire into the looping with the tip of your Chain Nose pliers when the wires are wrapped and snip off the excess wire with your Side Cutters.

4) Open the loop at the base of one of the earwires. Slide the wrapped loop onto this loop, and then close the earring loop securely.

5) Repeat all steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Amazonite Round Beads 8mm (AZ108)
2 Spiral Cone 9x9mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (CN355)
2 Swarovski Crystal Drop Pendant 6000 13x6.5mm Crystal (PN3000)
2 Ear Wire Fish Hook with 3mm Ball 23mm Sterling Silver (SH605)

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