Remember Bracelet Project

Remember Bracelet Project

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1) Fold the leather strap about 5/8" from the end and around the smallest loop on the tri-buckle clasp (the raised "stop" on the buckle should be straight out from the fold that you just made. Make sure that the face of the leather is facing the same side as that raised "stop" on the buckle) Working on the front of the leather strap, make a mark with your permanent marker about 3/8" down from the fold right in the center of the leather strap. Use the hole punch to punch through the leather on this mark. Reposition the leather strap on the back of the fold so that everything evens up and then punch through the back leather by way of the hole that you punched on the front.

2) Take a compression rivet and fit the back of the rivet through the back of the leather and out to the front. Fit the domed front part of the compression rivet onto the other half and press until the two halves click into one another. To secure the rivet, place the combined rivet pieces onto a metal block and strike the front of the compression rivet with the brass hammer once to flatten the top and lock the rivet pieces together.

3) Take the oval link and use your fingers to flatten the link, if bent (this shouldn't be too tough because it's made of pewter, but you can use nylon jaw pliers if you like). Affix the oval link to the metal block with two pieces of scotch tape; one across the top and the other across the bottom. Stamp the word "LOVE" into the link with your brass hammer and then use your permanent marker to color in the letter indents. Remove the excess marker from the face of the oval link with the use of the pro pad.

4) Lie the oval link on the face of the leather strap about 3" from the fold at the end of the strap.** Position the link so that it's lying in the center of the strap and then use your permanent marker to mark the link holes on the strap. Remove the oval link and then use the hole punch to punch out the holes and affix the oval link to the leather strap by way of some more compression rivets. Secure these rivets the same way that you did in step #2.

5) Lie your bracelet by a ruler and in the space between the clasp and the link on the leather strap, make a mark at 1-1/4" and then again at 2-1/8". Punch out the holes and secure a compression rivet into each of these holes.

6) On the other side of the link, in the space between this and the free end of the leather strap, you'll punch three holes out. Measuring out from the edge of the link, mark the leather strap with your permanent marker at 3/4", 1-1/2" and 2-1/4". As before, punch out the holes and secure the last of the compression rivets into each hole. Done.

** Check the position of the link by dry fitting the link onto the top of the leather strap and then carefully wrapping the entire bracelet around your wrist. Make sure the oval link sits in the middle of the top of your wrist and the clasp is sitting in the middle on the underside of your wrist. Adjust as necessary and reposition the following compression rivets to accommodate the move.**

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Leather Strap Antique Mocha (LC505)
1 TriBuckle Clasp 28mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated (CL211)
1 Oval Relief Link 25x13mm Pewter Antique Brass Plated (LK146)
8 Compression Rivet 4mm Brass Antique Copper Plated (CR803)
1 Alphabet and Numbers Punch Set (PN399)
1 Hole Punch Pliers (PL622)
1 Brass Hammer 1lb (HA456)
1 Polishing Ultra Pads 2" x 2" (BF695)
1 Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Pen (PN370) 1 Dapping Block (DA550)

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