Recycled Revival Necklace

Recycled Revival Necklace

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**The Green Ghana Recycled Glass Beads suggested will be a more solid green than the Green/Clear beads that were initially used in this project.**
1) Fold the 20" length of LC102 in half and measure up each length of cord 5". Lightly mark this point with the pencil or light colored pen.

2) Take the 20" length of LC104 and make an overhand loop over this mark (either side, doesn't matter). Pull tightly to secure the knot, then thread on one GP124. Make another overhand knot after this. (Always make your overhand knot the same way. The necklace will fall into place this way instead of becoming twisted on itself)

3) Repeat the last step, alternating between the two different colors of glass beads. Continue until all beads are threaded and the last knot is made.

4) Check all knots for tightness then trim the tails of LC104 off, leaving 1/4"

To Finish.
5) Thread one GP124 onto both ends of LC102. Make a tight overhand knot at the end of each length after doing so. This will make the glass bead a "clasp". To wear, just slip the necklace over your head and cinch up the "clasp" to the desired length. Quick, easy, natural and ready to go!
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