Peridot Waves Necklace Project

Peridot Waves Necklace Project

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1) Separate the bead strands into their corresponding color/design piles and pull aside two strands of the beaded chain. Snip away one of the beads on the end link of one of the lengths of beaded chain and then with the 2" of 24gauge nickel wire, re-attach the bead that you snipped away and connect the two strands of beaded chain by making a wrapped loop on each end of the 2" long wire and connecting the two beaded chain strands to make a very long chain.

2) Take one of the 4" lengths of 20 gauge wire and make a simple loop on the end of each length. This loop doesn't need to be very large, shoot for each to be about 4-5mm in size. Re-open each of the simple loops and fit one half of the long beaded chain from step #1 onto each of the simple loops that you just created. Close each of the simple loops after this to keep the beaded chain secure.

3) Take one of the 30" lengths of beadalon wire and thread on one crimp tube. Take the end of the beading wire through one of the simple loops and then take the wire end around and back down the crimp tube. Cinch the tube so that you have about a 3mm loop and then close the crimp tube. We're leaving the 3mm loop there so that you can have movement between the strands on this necklace and also so that every strand will fit with ease into the bead cap. Now, thread on two strands of the shiny teal green seed beads. Then, thread on another crimp tube and thread the end of this wire through the other simple loop and secure as you did with the first side of the necklace.

4) Pick up another 30" length of beadalon wire and do just as you did before to secure it to one of the simple loops. Now thread on two strands of the transparent peridot colored seed beads. Secure this strand to the other simple loop just as you've done before.

5) Continue to thread on the remaining beadalon wires by securing them and then selected two strands to bead before securing the wire to the other simple loop. (To re-create what is pictured above, you'll thread on another of the peridot colored seed beads and then two of the smaller matte robin-egg blue seed beads)

6) After all of the beadalon wire lengths have been secured, turn your focus to the end of one half of the necklace. Thread the free end of the 20ga wire through one of the bead caps and then begin to make a wrapped loop with the remaining wire. Before closing the loop, make sure to thread on one half of the hook and eye clasp. Wrap the loop and then snip the excess wire off. Repeat this entire step for the other side. Done.

** There will be multiple strands of beads left-over from the creation of this necklace. If you would like to add more strands to this necklace, you'll have to add more crimp tubes to your cart. You could also try making a matching bracelet using the same technique, or even make a second as a gift for someone!**

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Glass Bead Strands Mix Green and Blue (MX112)
1 Package of 10 Crimp Tube Seamless 2x2mm Silver Plated (BD364)
2 Bead Cap - Large Filigree 14x16mm Antique Silver Plated (BC337)
2 4" Lengths of Nickel Silver Wire Round 20ga (WN020)
1 2" Length of Nickel Silver Wire 24ga Round (WN024)
1 Hook & Eye Vine Clasp 23x7mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (CL1159)
5 30" Lengths of Beadalon Wire .015" 30ft Bright Silver Color 19 Strand (BW015)

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