Papillion Earring Project

Papillion Earring Project

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1) Use your Side Cutters to flush cut the head off of one of the Headpins. Begin to make a simple loop with this end of the headpin with the largest part of your Round Nose Pliers. Before closing the loop completely, thread on one Violet Flower Pendant (FP2055). Close the loop completely.

2) Thread on one Tanzanite Round Bead (RB4029), one Butterfly Bead (BD2040) and another Tanzanite Round Bead (RB4029). Make a simple loop with the remaining headpin wire, using your side cutters to cut away any excess wire. Open the connector loop on the earring and attach to the simple loop that you just made. Make sure that all loop are closed securely.

3) Squeeze out equal amounts of epoxy (very small amounts) onto a piece of paper, and use a toothpick to mix the two halves together. Place a small amount of epoxy into the two divots in the upper wings of the Butterfly bead (again, less is more here with the epoxy, don't go overboard.) Place one Purple Velvet Flatbacks into each of the glued divots. Press down gently on the crystal to set the flatback and then set aside so that it can dry undisturbed for at least 24 hours.

4) Repeat all steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Bead Butterfly Wing 15x11mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (BD2040)
2 Swarovski Flower Pendant 6744 12mm Violet (FP2055)
1 Epoxy 330 (GL330)
2 Head Pin 1-1/2" 21 Gauge Silver Plated (HP153)
4 Swarovski Round Crystal Bead 5000 4mm Tanzanite (RB4029)
4 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 3mm Purple Velvet (RF3277)
2 French Hook Wires With Bead & Spring Silver Plated (SH203)

Cute but elegant
The butterfly aesthetic makes it perfect for spring, adding both a cute and elegant flair.
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