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1) Cut down the 21½" inches of Rattail down to one 18" length, and one 3½" length.

2) Take the 3" length of Beading Wire and fold it over the 3½" length of Rattail, right in the center of the length (make you Beading Wire even on both sides too as you create this "U" shape around the Rattail.)

3) Thread the Panda bead onto the Beading Wire so that the ends of the wire are coming out of the top of the bead. Pull the Beading Wire tight. Bring out the longer length of Rattail and fold it in half. Take the ends of your beading wire and loop them around the middle point of that longer length of Rattail. Then, take the Beading Wire back down through the top of the Panda Bead.

4) Thread one Crimp Bead onto both of the Beading Wire ends and pull the Crimp Bead up so that it's snug against both the shorter length of Rattail and the Panda Bead. Crimp this Bead closed with your Crimping Pliers, and cut off the excess with your Side Cutters.

5) Thread a bead cap onto each end of the shorter length of Rattail. Tie a simple overhand knot in the end of each of these Rattail ends, so that the Bead Caps don't slip off. Cut any excess Rattail away from the knot if you need too.

6) Now, focusing on the ends of the longer length of Rattail, close a Fold Over Connector over each of the ends of this length of Rattail.

7) Use your Split Ring Pliers to attach the Split Ring to one of the closed Fold Over Connector. Open the last link of the Chain Extender with your Chain Nose Pliers and slip it over the loop on the other closed Fold Over Connector. Securely close the last link on the Chain Extender.

To Finish.
8) Use your Split Ring Pliers again to open the attached Split Ring, and then thread on the Lobster Claw Clasp. Sheer Pandamania!
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