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1) Take the length of beading chain and one of the Fold Over Connectors. Place the very end of the chain into the connector, and use your Chain Nose pliers to fold each side of the connector over the end of the beading chain. Open one of the Jump Rings and use this to attach the folded connector to the Box Clasp. (Leave each half of the clasp attached with one another, at the end you'll just have to attach the other half of the necklace to the clasp. )

2) Measure about 1½" down from the folded connector on the end of the chain. Slide a crimp tube down to this mark and crimp it shut with your Crimping Pliers. Close a crimp cover over the top of the crimped tube. Thread on a Cobra bead, followed by another crimp tube (close with your Crimping Pliers after cinching it up to the threaded cobra bead). Finish this group by closing another crimp cover over the second crimped tube.

3) Measure about 1½" down from the end of the second crimp cover and slide another Crimp Tube onto the chain. Crimp the tube with your Crimping Pliers, then close a Crimp Cover over the top. Thread on a Tiger bead, followed by a crimp tube and a crimp cover over the tube.

4) Repeat steps #2 and #3 until all of your beads have been threaded on. The pattern for the bead design is - cobra, tiger, alligator, leopard, giraffe. Just repeat this pattern again for the other side of the necklace.

To Finish.

5) Take the remaining Fold Over Connector and use your Chain Nose pliers to close this over the very tip of the other half of the Beading Chain. Open the remaining Jump Ring and use this to attach the Connector to the Box Clasp. Make sure that both of your Jump Ring are closed securely. Done!
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