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Quantity of Items Needed
1 Pewter Oval Frame Pendant (PD1223)
2 Jasmine Flower Charms (CM1494)
1 Beaded Pinch Bail (BL161)
1 18" Finished Greek Leather Necklace (GL1006)
1 2oz Jewelry Resin Kit (JR1002)
1 Transparent Green Resin Dye (JR1432)
1 Graduated Mixing Cups (JR1030)
1 Stir Sticks (JR1012)
Fine Green Glitter *Optional*


1) Take all of the items out of the resin kit and read the instructions.

2) Cut the loops off both Jasmine charms with your side cutters and file down if necessary. Fit into the bezel pendant.

3) Mix a very small amount (just enough to coat the inside of the pendant and "lock" the Jasmine charms in place) of resin in one cup. Squirt one to two drops of dye into the resin and mix thoroughly. *Optional - sprinkle a small amount of glitter into the resin mix too.* Use your stir stick to drop the resin into the bezel cup and allow to soft cure for about eight hours before the next step.

4) Mix another small batch of resin up and use another stir stick to drop the resin onto the center of the bezel cup. Continue dropping resin onto the bezel until a domed appearance is achieved. Allow the resin to cure fully for twenty-four hours before moving on to the next step.

5) Pinch the beaded bail closed over the loop on the bezel pendant.

6) Thread the bail onto the finished Greek leather necklace. Done!
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