Light Tan Silk Fairy Ribbon (36 Inches)

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  • Length: 36"
  • Width: 1/4 Inch
  • Color: Light Tan
  • Material: Silk
  • Style: Silk Fairy Ribbon
  • _COLOR: Brown
  • _SimpleColor: Brown
Our Light Tan Silk Fairy Ribbon is 100% Silk, hand dyed in the USA. Silk Fairy Ribbon has a loose, crinkled appearance, and looks great on Necklaces, Bracelets, or when woven through Beads or Chain on your latest design.

Length: 36" x 1/4" wide.

Silk Fairy Ribbon is easy to use for stringing Necklaces and Pendants, or simply wrapping around the wrist for an easy and chic Bracelet.

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