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Using Antique Silver Plated components creates a vintage feel that will last for ages. Follow our component recommendations in the section below or choose your own components to customize your necklace.

Let's Begin

  1. Cut two 21" lengths from the 6' length of chain. Open up one of the Jump Rings and use it to attach the ends of each of the 21" lengths of chain to one half of the Toggle Clasp. Open the other Jump Ring and then hold the Toggle Clasp in one hand so that the attached chains hang vertically. This keeps the chain nice and straight so that you can attach the other Jump Ring without the chain becoming twisted up. Before closing this Jump Ring, attach the other half of the Toggle Clasp and make sure that both attached Jump Rings are attached securely.
  2. Take the 4" length of wire and begin to create a wrapped loop on one end. Before closing the loop and wrapping it, attach the end of the remaining chain and cut it a couple of inches (from 2 1/2" - 4") down. Re-attach the remaining length of chain to the loop and cut the chain 2 1/2" - 4" down. Re-attach the length of chain and repeat this step until all of the chain is attached to this open wrapped loop. Close and wrap the loop.
  3. Slide the bead cap onto the wire so that it covers the wrapped loop and then thread on the pearl. Make a wrapped loop with the remaining wire, and slide the loop over the two lengths of chain that make up the necklace before closing and wrapping the loop. Make sure that the wire tail is smooth so that it doesn't get caught on anything when wearing.
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