Indigo Weave Bracelet Project

Indigo Weave Bracelet Project

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1) Take all four lengths of Nymo thread and make either a couple of overhand knots, or a surgeon's knot with the end of all four lengths of cord. Place a small amount of glue onto the knot and allow to dry completely (about 10mins). When dry, thread one Delica seed bead onto the four cords and place it right next to the glued knot. Thread one Bead Tip (BD215) onto all four lengths of cord now, make sure that the "open mouth" of the bead tip faces the glued knot. Use the Thread Burner (WX514) to cut away the cord ends fairly close the overhand knots. When the bead tip is in place, roll the curved tip of the bead tip closed with your Round Nose Pliers, and then use your Chain Nose Pliers to shut the bead tip closed (and securing the curved tip inside the bead tip).

2) Divide the four lengths of cord. Thread three Delicas onto both the leftmost and righmost cords, and thread one Purple Velvet Bicone (AC4277) onto the two middle cords. Take two of the Curved Tubes (TU985) and take the middle cords coming out of the Bicone and split them up. Thread one of these cords through each of the shorter tubes. For the longer tubes, take the outermost cords (that have the Delicas strung onto them) and thread them through. Pull up on all four cords and this will cinch all of the beads up.

3) Take the two middle cords back into another Purple Velvet Bicone. With the outermost cords, thread on six Delicas. (Thread a needle if you have to) Take the cording around and back through the FIRST Delica bead threaded on in this group. This will create a loop with the Delicas. Now, take this cord through the long tube on the next curved tube. The Middle cords can be divided at this point, and the corresponding cord can go through the short tube of the attached curved tube. Repeat this for the other side of the bracelet. Pull tight and this will cinch all of the beads up (don't be so concerned with the middle tubes overlapping one another at this point).

4) Repeat step #3 10 more times (or longer if you need), thread on three Delicas onto each of the outermost cords, and one Purple Velvet Bicone threaded onto the two middle cords. Gather all of the cords together, and thread the other Bead Tip onto all four cords (making sure that the "open mouth" is facing towards the end of cord), along with a Delica bead. Make a couple of overhand knots right next to the seed bead (making sure that most of the slack has been removed from throughout the bracelet). Place a small amount of glue onto this knot and allow to dry completely. Cut away the cording again with your Thread Burner. Rol the curved tip of the bead tip closed with your Round Nose Pliers, and then use your Chain Nose Pliers to close the bead tip.

5) Open the two Jump Rings and attach one to a closed bead tip and one half of the Magnetic Clasp. Close this Jump Ring (use another pliers or piece of metal to stick the magnetic clasp half to while your closing the Jump Ring) Repeat this step with the other open Jump Ring and you're ready to wear!

Quantity of Items Needed
13 Swarovski Bicone 5328 4mm Purple Velvet (AC4277)
4 12" lengths of Nymo Nylon Thread Grey Size D (BC903)
2 Clam Shell Bead Tip 3.5mm Cup Sterling Silver (BD215)
1 Tube of Miyuki Delica Seed Bead 11/0 Iris Dark Green AB (DB0086)
1 G-S Hypo-Tube Cement (GL400)
2 Jump Ring Round Open 4mm Sterling Silver (JR405)
1 Magnetic Clasp Oval 10x6mm Sterling Silver (MA422)
24 Curved Double Tube 13x1.6mm Sterling Silver (TU985)

This is a really gorgeous bracelet.
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