Halloween! Earring Project

Halloween! Earring Project

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1) Mix up a small batch of resin and fill the trapezoid shape on the Resin Mold tray about 1/3 of the way full. Allow the epoxy to set up until it's very tacky but not completely set. This could take anywhere from four to eight hours. Check periodically so that you don't miss the window to do the next step.
2) Cut the loop off of the charms with your Side Cutters and then set a charm into each of the resin filled shapes. Don't press it into the resin; the weight of the charm will sink them enough into the resin to set them permanently. Sprinkle an even amount of either Gold Glitter or Gold Foil Flakes onto the resin and allow everything to cure for 12 hours from the initial pour time before moving onto the next step.
3) Mix up another batch of resin and add two drops of transparent amber to it and mix thoroughly. Pour this into each of the cavities only until it reaches the edge. You're looking for a concave look to the resin, not domed or convex (this will play a VERY important role later on) Allow this resin to cure for at least 48 hours before moving on.
4) Pop each of the cured resin shapes out of the mold. Pick up a screw eye and screw it into the top of the resin shape in back of the charm. Move slowly so as not to have the back of the resin shape break (this may still happen to some extent, but the next step will help this) Stop the screw eye when the base of the loop is touching the top of the resin shape and faced to the side. Repeat this step for the other resin shape.
5) Mix up another small batch of resin and drop a few drops of resin on to the back of the resin shape. This time you're trying to achieve a convex or domed appearance on the back of the resin shape. This will also help to hold the screw eye in place in case the back of the amber portion of the resin breaks. Cover the shapes and allow to cure for 48 hours. Attach each of the Lever Back Earrings and you're ready to party!

(optional) If the screw eye does break through the resin even after applying the last coat of resin to the back of the shape and you want to clean the back up, simply wait for the resin to dry completely and then file off the excess resin around the break with your flat file. After which spray a couple of coats of the resin spray, allow that to dry and then move on with completing the earrings.

Quantity of Items Needed
1 2oz Jewelry Resin Kit (JR1002)
1 Transparent Amber Resin Dye (JR1436)
2 Antique Gold Plated Skeleton Charms (CM1004)
2 Gold Color Screw Eyes (SC312)
2 Gold Plated Lever Back Earrings (LB402)
1 Gem Shapes Jewelry Resin Mold (JR1610)
1 Package of 1oz. Mixing Cups (JR1030)
1 Package of Stir Sticks (JR1012)
Gold Glitter or Small Gold Foil Flakes
(optional) Resin Spray (JR1760)
(optional) Half Round Needle File (FL202)
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