Goldstone Chandelier

Goldstone Chandelier

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1) Take one EP025 and thread one GA004 onto it. Create a loop using PL491 and secure this to the bottom middle loop of PD2011.

2) Take two HP105, threading one AC4317 onto each one. Cut off all but 3/8" of the remaining wire on each, using PL495.

3) Create a loop on the end of each of the HP105 using PL491. Secure one of these biconed HP105 to the loop at the end of the eye pin from the previous step.

4) Secure the other biconed HP105 to the loop in the middle of PD2011.

5) Take two more HP105 and thread onto each; one CR004, a GS004 and another CR004. Cut off all but 3/8" of the remaining wire off each, using PL495.

6) Create a loop on each of these HP105 with PL491. Secure these looped HP105's to either of the outside loops on PD2011
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