Glittering Accent Necklace Project

Glittering Accent Necklace Project

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1) Follow the directions for mixing the epoxy clay. Mix a very small amount and then roll it into a ball in your hands.

2) Press the epoxy clay ball into the center of the round frame charm and with your fingers, shape and mold the bead of clay until it has filled all around the frame. Press down on the top of the ball to get a flat table on the top. Press on the sides of the epoxy to get a wall about 3mm tall around the frame.

3) With this epoxy clay, you'll have 90mins to work with it until it hardens so take your time and if you don't like how it's going, remove all of the crystals and start over.

4) Set the first dark indigo crystal at the top of the epoxy clay (I use the loop on the finding as a guide). Press it into the epoxy so that just the lip of the crystal is beneath the surface of the clay.

5) Now set another dark indigo crystal at the bottom of the clay. Now set two more to the right and left. With the remaining four dark indigo crystals, set these in-between each of the already set crystals. Now go around the border and press the clay back into shape if you hadn't been doing that all along. Take your time with this.

6) Take the crystal luminous green crystal and set that directly into the top center of the epoxy clay. Press down.

7) Take two of the crystal volcano crystals and press them into the clay in the space between the crystal luminous green and dark indigo crystals. Try to position them to be on either side of that top dark indigo crystal. Now take a third crystal volcano crystal and position it directly in line below the crystal luminous green crystal and above the bottom dark indigo crystal.

8) You'll have four crystal volcano crystals left. Take two of them and set them on either side of the crystal luminous green crystal just above the center line. Take the last two crystal volcano crystals and position them on either side of the crystal luminous green crystal just beneath the center line.

9) Go around the epoxy clay pressing those crystals that may have become unsettled when pressing in other crystals and try to get that table back on top of the clay and round out the sides while still retaining that wall like appearance. Keep working with the clay until you're happy with the results and then set the pendant aside to cure for a day before wearing. **If any clay got onto the surface of the clay make sure to clean that off with a moistened Q-tip before the epoxy cures.**

Quantity of Items Needed
1 Round Frame Charm 12mm Pewter Bright Silver Plated (CM1351)
1 Snap On Bail 2x5.3mm Silver Color (BL343)
1 Curb Chain 18" 2mm Silver Color (CH603)
1 Epoxy Clay by DeCoRé Blue Zircon (EC1028)
8 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flatback 2028 3mm Dark Indigo (RF3288)
7 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 3mm Crystal Volcano (RF3676)
1 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 4mm Crystal Luminous Green (RF4101)

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