Frame Bracelet Project

Frame Bracelet Project

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1) Open one of the Jump Rings (JR553) and attach to one half of the Toggle Clasp (CL533). Repeat with the other Jump Ring for the other half of the Toggle Clasp. Take one of the Eye Pins (EP113) and open the loop end, attaching it to one of the closed Jump Rings from earlier. Thread one 6mm Bead onto the Eye Pin and make a simple loop with the remaining Eye Pin Wire. (Cut off any excess wire with your Side Cutters - PL495)

2) Open another Eye Pin (EP113) loop and attach to the simple loop made on the Eye Pin in the previous step. Place a 6mm Bead into one of the Bead Frames (BF1003) and hold it between your index finger and thumb as your threading the Eye Pin through both the frame and bead with your other hand. Once the Eye Pin is through both, make a simple loop with the remaining Eye Pin Wire.

3) Continue to connect Eye Pins to one another, using a 6mm Bead within a Bead Frame (BF1003) for every other one. Connect the final Eye Pin loop to the loop on the other half of the Toggle Clasp to finish the bracelet.

Quantity of Items Needed
5 Round Bead Frame 17mm Pewter Antique Silver Plated (BF1003)
1 Toggle Clasp 14mm Silver Plated (CL533)
11 Eye Pin 1.5" 21 gauge Silver Plated (EP113)
11 Fancy Jasper Round Beads 6mm (FJ006)

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