Floria Earring Project

Floria Earring Project

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1) Take ten of the ball headpins and thread one Swarovski Bicone and one "bellflower" resin flower onto each of these headpins. Thread it so the Swarovski bicone fits inside the resin flower. Make a simple loop with the remaining wire, and snip any excess wire off with your sidecutters. Thread the remaining six bicones onto the remaining six headpins and make a simple loop with the remaining wire.

2) Cut the 3 1/2" length of chain in half - make sure that each end of chain end with a long link. Open the loop at the base of each earwire and then thread one of the chain lengths onto each of the loops. Close the loops securely.

3) Starting a the very end of the chain attach one of the "bellflower" headpins to the last link of the chain. Attach four more "bellflower" headpins to the long links along the chain. Take three of the biconed headpins and attach these to the each of the bottom three long links of chain (try to attach these to the other side of the long link, across from the side of the link that the "bellflower" headpin is attached to.

4) Repeat step #3 again to create the other earring. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
10 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 4mm Crystal AB (AC4001)
3-1/2" Length of Ring Long Link Chain 3mm Silver Plated (CN730)
2 Lever Back Earrings 15mm Silver Plated (EW026)
10 Head Pin with 2mm Ball 2" 22 gauge Silver Plated (HP170)
10 Resin Flowers 12mm Assorted Colors (RF222)

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