Fizzy Earring Project

Fizzy Earring Project

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1) Take one of the pendant jackets and set it onto the metal sheet. Position it where you think it will look good and then take the sharpie marker and trace the opening of the pendant jacket onto the metal sheet. Do this for each pendant jacket and then remove the pendant jacket and set up your saw. Place the metal sheet onto your bench pin and saw out the two inserts for the pendant jackets. Remove plastic backing on the metal sheet if it hasn't already come off. File any burs away if you end up with them after sawing.

2) Take a length of heavy duty packing tape and press the metal sheet shapes onto it. Place the pendant jackets on top of the metal sheet shapes. Burnish the back of the pendant jackets to the tape so that there are no openings.

3) Mix up a very small batch of resin and use a popsicle stick to place drops of resin into the center of the metal sheet shape in teh pendant jacket. Allow time to let the resin spread out a bit before adding more drops. Stop when you have the surface coated. Repeat with the other pendant jacket. Allow both of these to sit undisturbed for at least 12 hours. Depending on temperature and humidity, you might want to let it sit for 24 hours before moving on.

4) Peel the tape off the back of the two pendant jackets and flip them over. Mix up a small batch of resin again and lightly coat the back of the two metal sheet shapes in the pendant jackets. You might need as little as two drops of resin so be sure to use your popsicle stick again to place these resin drops. Allow this resin to cure for 12-24 hours just like before.

5) Pick up each of the pendant jackets and open the loop on two eyepins. Thread this loop through each of the loops on the pendant jackets and then thread a corrugated bead onto each length of wire. Make a simple loop with each of the eye pin wires that is perpendicular to the first loop and attach these to the loops at the base of the two lever back ear wires. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Teardrop Pendant Jacket 1-3/8" Pewter Antique Silver Plated (PD1265)
1 Lillypilly Aluminum Sheet 3" x 3" Dots 22ga Turquoise (AS2115)
2 Eye Pin 1.5" 21 gauge Silver Plated (EP113)
2 Corrugated Bead 4.5mm Silver Plated (BD053)
2 Lever Back - 15mm Silver Plated (EW026)
1 Jewelry Resin Kit 2 oz (JR1002)
1 Graduated 1oz. Mixing Cups (JR1030)
1 Stir Sticks (JR1012)
Deluxe Saw Frame 4" (SW314)
Saw Blades #5/0 Size (SW150)
Beeswax (BD101)

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