Feline Fanatic Bookmark

Feline Fanatic Bookmark

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1) Take one Eyepin and thread on one Bicone, a Silver Spacer Bead, a Fancy Bead, another Silver Spacer bead, and the other Bicone. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, make a simple loop with the remaining Eyepin wire. Use your Side Cutters to cut away any excess wire as you're creating the loop. Before closing this loop completely, attach the Cat Charm.

2) Take another Eyepin and thread on a Silver Spacer, a Czech F.P. Donut, and another Silver Spacer. Just as before, create a Simple Loop on the other end of the Eyepin. Before closing this loop completely, attach the Eyepin to the connector loop on the Bookmark.

To Finish.

3) Open the free loop on the first Beaded Eyepin and attach this to the free loop on the second Beaded Eyepin. Make sure all loops are closed completely.
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