Epoxy Clay Pendant

Epoxy Clay Pendant

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1. To begin, peel of a very small amount of each color within the Epoxy Clay package. Prepare the clay as per the instructions within the package.
2) Place the kneaded clay into the center of the bezel pendant and begin to work the clay out to the edges of the pendant, creating a domed shape within the bezel pendant. The width of the pendant should be about 3/8" thick after the clay is set.
3) Use the perfect positioner tool to pick up the larger chatons first and place them into the clay. Press the chaton down far enough that the edge sits level with the clay. Repeat the process with the smaller chatons next; using different colors to mix the pattern up.
4) Epoxy clay doesn't need to be baked to cure; simply leave alone to cure for 24 hours and you're ready to wear!
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