Enchanted Evening

Enchanted Evening

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** TIP - I used the jump ring opener and Chain nose pliers to open and close the jump rings. When dealing with opening and closing a lot of jump rings it makes it easier to use the jump ring opener for better control.**
1) Take one of your eyepins and string one 3mm Jet Bicone, one 6mm Round Crystal Bead, and then another 3mm Jet Bicone. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, make a simple loop, cutting off any excess wire with your Side Cutters. Keep the end of the simple loop that you are creating slightly open as you will be attaching a piece of chain to both ends of the beaded eyepin.

2) Repeat this step until you have 18 beaded eyepins. Once you have made all 18 of these, set them aside.

3) You will need cut the length of chain that you have into forty 5-link lengths of chain. Set all aside when cut.

4) To start connecting the pieces, take one 5-link piece of chain and attach a jump ring and one channel. Close the jump ring and use another jump ring and piece of chain on the other side of the channel and close the jump ring. Then at the end of the chain, attach one of your beaded eyepins using the loop that you created and close the loop. On the other end of your beaded eyepin where the loop is already completely closed, use your Chain Nose pliers to open it slightly, and attach a piece of chain. Then close that loop. Continue connecting the chain, channels and beaded eyepins until you have connected 11 channels, 10 beaded eyepins, and 22 pieces of 5-link chain. 5) Set this aside and wstart your smaller chain. Starting with the chain and ending with a piecfe of chain, connect until you have 9 channels, 8 beaded eyepins, and 18 pieces of chain.

To Finish.

6) Attach a jump ring to both ends on both chains. Attach the jump ring on the smaller chain to one of the loops on the clasp. On the other side attach the chain to the loop on the clasp that is drectly across from it. Using jump rings, attach the ends of your chain to the loop on the clasp on both sides.
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