Crystal Starfish Earrings

Crystal Starfish Earrings

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Head out to the beach with these sparkling, summery earrings!

Quantity of Items Needed
1011mm Swarovski 6010 Crystal Briolette Pendants
813mm Swarovski 6010 Crystal Briolette Pendants
216mm Swarovski 6721 Crystal Starfish Pendants
2Silver Ear Wires
2 Silver Head Pins
344mm Silver Jump Rings

You can use any color combination you wish. You can also try different sea-life shaped pendants, like the Swarovski Sea Snail Pendant, or the Radiolarian Pendant. See the Buy Project Components section below for our suggestions.

Let's Begin

  1. Insert one head pin through the Starfish Pendant. Bend the head pin at a right angle and create a simple loop. Remember to leave a bit of excess to allow the pendant to hang below the Briolettes.
  2. Open a 4mm jump ring, insert another 4mm jump ring and close the opened jump ring. Repeat this process until you have a chain of 7 jump rings.
  3. Open two more jump rings and attach the Starfish Pendant component and the ear wire. Close the jump rings
  4. Open a jump ring and insert a Briolette Pendant and attach this component to the jump ring chain from Step 3. Repeat this step for remaining Briolette Pendants.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to create second earring
Step 1 of Starfish Pendant
Step 2 of Starfish Pendant
Step 3 of Starfish Pendant
Step 4 of Starfish Pendant
Step 5 of Starfish Pendant
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