Create Your Own Bail Necklace

Create Your Own Bail Necklace

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1) Take the 22" length of wire and thread the Swarovski heart onto one end. Hold the wire ends up with your dominant hand (making sure they line up evenly) and thread the heart to the center of the wire. Thread both of the wire ends through the crimp tube and pull the crimp tube down the wire lengths so that its fairly close and snug to the crystal heart. (Allow for a little movement between the crimp tube and the heart, or the heart won't hang correctly) Crimp the tube with your crimping pliers . Using the first indent on your crimping pliers (the outermost, larger hole) close a crimp cover over the crimped tube .

2) Holding both of the wire ends again, thread on the bicone and pull it down the length of both wires until its sits right next to the crimp cover.

3) Thread 25 pearls onto each of the wire halves. (This may get a bit tricky, so when you thread the 25 pearls onto one side, tape the wire tail down with some scotch tape, or a bead stopper).

4) Working with one half of the necklace, thread a crimp tube onto the wire along with one half of the magnetic clasp. Take the wire around and back through the crimp tube. Pull the wire so that the crimp is fairly close to the clasp (allow for movement remember). Close the crimp tube with your Crimping Pliers and cut off any excess wire tail with your side cutters.

5) Fold a crimp cover over this crimped tube and then move over to the other half of the necklace.

6) Repeat steps #4 and #5 for the remaining half of the necklace. Perfect!

Quantity of Items Needed
22" Beadalon Wire .018" 15ft Silver Plated 19 Strand (BW218)
1 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads 5328 6mm Light Rose (AC6711)
3 Crimp Tube Seamless 2x2mm Sterling Silver (BD315)
3 Crimp Cover 3mm Sterling Silver (BD610)
1 Decorative Magnetic Clasp 10mm Sterling Silver (CL016)
1 Swarovski Heart Pendant 6202 18mm Crystal Moonlight (HR3301)
50 Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810 8mm Powdered Rose (PR8224)

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