Cool Cubes Bracelet Project

Cool Cubes Bracelet Project

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1) Take the 12 inch length of beading wire (this if for a 7 inch bracelet) and take the end of the wire through one side of the wire guard, then around and down the other side of the wire guard. With your thumb, separate the two ends of the wire guard so that you can fit the loop of BAR half of the toggle clasp over it. Pinch the ends of the wire guard together as they were before. Slide a crimp tube onto the length of beading wire and then take the wire tail through the crimp tube as well. Cinch the crimp tube up so that it's right next to the wire guard ends and crimp with your Crimping Pliers. Don't cut the wire tail off just yet, you'll feed it through a couple of beads before doing so.

2)Thread three of the 2.5mm beads onto the wire (and make sure that the wire tail makes it through these as well) At this point, trim the wire tail as it exits the third bead with your Side Cutters.

3) Alternate threading on a Fuchsia Cube followed by a Caribbean Blue Square Rondelle until all beads are threaded on (we use fourteen cubes and thirteen square rondelles; you may need more or less depending upon the length that you're going for).

4) Thread the final two 2.5mm beads onto the wire, followed by a crimp tube. Thread the wire through one side of the other wire guard and then around and down through the other side. Part the opening of the wire guard slightly so that you can fit the ROUND half of the toggle clasp over the wire guard. Pinch the ends of the wire guard together and then thread the wire back down through the crimp tube and the other two 2mm beads.

5) IMPORTANT -- Bend the bracelet into the "C" shape that you see in the picture above. This will show you how much slack you need in your bracelet to wear it properly. Allow the wire to slack out and then pull the wire so that the crimp tube cinches up to the base of the wire guard while maintaining this shape, DO NOT straighten the bracelet out just yet. Now crimp the tube shut with your Crimping Pliers and snip away the excess wire with your Side Cutters.

Quantity of Items Needed
13 Swarovski Rondelle Square 8mm Caribbean Blue Opal Gold Plated (AR8594)
5 Round Bead 2.5mm Gold Plated (BD252)
2 Wire Protector Guard Gold Color 4x4.5mm (BP202)
1 Toggle Clasp 11mm Gold Plated (CL442)
2 Crimp Tube 2x2mm Seamless Gold Plated (CR2507)
14 Swarovski Cubes 5601 8mm Fuchsia (CU8449)
12" Beadalon Wire .015" 30ft Gold Color 7 Strand (CW715)

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