Connected Coins Bracelet Project

Connected Coins Bracelet Project

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1) The pattern for this bracelet is Brass, Silver, Copper. To begin, pick up one of the brass woven disk link and a silver hammertone disk link. File one hole on the brass woven disk and both of the holes on the silver hammertone disk. File the holes large enough so that the crimp tube just fits through both of the links; the brass on top of the silver. Slide the crimp tube through both of the links and then set the combination on the edge of your workbench. The crimp tube shouldn't be flush, but rather evenly placed so that about 1/2mm is poking out each side. Set the center punch right into the crimp tube opening and make sure that everything is running perpendicular to how the center punch is being held. This is important so that the crimp tube doesn't become warped during the next step. Strike the center punch with your brass hammer TWICE. Then flip the link combination and set the center punch into the crimp tube on this side and do the same. Now double check your work on both sides - does it look the same on both sides? Does it look like the crimp tube flared out enough to hold the connection? If the answer is yes, let's move on. If no, let's troubleshoot for a minute. You may be able to save the crimp if it's not flared enough by striking it again with the center punch and hammer: you may not have hit the center punch hard enough. What about if you crimp tube collapsed on one side as you were striking the other side? This is why it's important to hold everything straight and perpendicular to one another: angles cause collapse. Try to save the collapsed crimp tube by setting the center punch into the collapsed tube and nudge it open. Sometimes this works, sometimes you'll need to drill out the wayward crimp tube with a 1/16" drill bit and try again.

2) Take your ball pein hammer and strike the flayed crimp tube around the edge to flatten it to the surface of the link to secure it and tighten it up a bit more. Don't strike so hard that you mar the design surface. If you need to try this technique out, work on the backside of the bracelet where it won't be noticeable as you wear the bracelet.

3) Continue on with the other hole on the silver hammertone link and a copper woven disk link. File and secure a crimp tube as done in steps #1 and #2. Now connect the copper woven disk to the brass hammertone link. Repeat steps #1 and #2 and then connect the brass hammertone link to the silver woven disk link. Attach the silver woven disk link to the copper hammertone link. Attach the copper hammertone link to the second brass woven disk link. Brass woven disk to the second silver hammertone disk. Last but not least, the second silver hammertone disk to the second (and last) copper woven disk link. Now before you finish up your bracelet, go back and double check all of your connections one more time.

4) Slowly and carefully bend the length around the bracelet mandrel, checking each bend on your wrist before moving onto the other side and then back again. Make sure that the links are bending in the center and not too much stress is being placed on the connections themselves.

5) Open up the lot of jump rings and begin to make a chain of two links each that is three links long. Use this length to attach the round part of the toggle clasp to one end of the bracelet. With the remaining twelve jump rings make a chain of two links each that is six links long. Use this length to attach the bar part of the toggle clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

Congrats to you if this is your first cold connection project! Wear this bracelet with beaming pride!

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Woven Disk 2 Hole Link 3/4" Pewter Antique Copper Plated (LK115)
2 Woven Disk 2 Hole Link 3/4" Pewter Antique Brass Plated (LK114)
1 Woven Disk 2 Hole Link 3/4" Pewter Antique Silver Plated (LK113)
2 Hammertone Disk 2 Hole Link 1" Pewter Antique Silver Plated (LK116)
1 Hammertone Disk 2 Hole Link 1" Pewter Antique Brass Plated (LK117)
1 Hammertone Disk 2 Hole Link 1" Pewter Antique Copper Plated (LK118)
8 Crimp Tube Seamless 4x2mm Sterling Silver (BD365)
16 Jump Ring - Open 5mm Antique Silver Plated (JR211)
1 Toggle Clasp - Bali Style 20x17mm Pewter Silver Plated (TC508)
1 Brass Hammer 1lb (HA456)
1 Ball Pein Hammer (HA430)
1 Center Punch (CP450)
1 #2 Round File (FL242)
1 Oval Bracelet Mandrel (GA217) *Or you can also use a small round metal container to help shape the bracelet.

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