Colorburst Earring Project

Colorburst Earring Project

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1) Place a metal blank onto a piece of sturdy paper on a flat surface. Take various colored permanent markers and color the design on the metal blank to your liking; either in a pattern like the first image, or randomly like what's on the second image. *Note - To lighten the effects of the colors that are applied to the blank, simply take a Polish Pad and rub it over the surface of the blank. It won't completely remove the color, but will give it a lighter, less bold appearance. Repeat this step for the other metal blank as well.

2) Set the metal blank onto a non-porous surface. After thoroughly reading the instructions that come with the Jewelry Resin, mix up the resin and begin to pour the mixture onto the top of the metal blank. Pour carefully and allow the resin to settle. Take out a needle and poke any air bubbles that rise to the surface (you can also coax out the air bubbles with a heat gun) Repeat this step for the other metal blank as well. Allow both of these blanks to cure for about five to six hours, depending on how dry and warm the climate is, then mix another smaller batch of resin into two new mixing cups with two new stir sticks and slowly pour this over the first layer of resin on the blanks. This will create a more domed look. Now, allow the metal blanks to cure fully for three days before moving onto the next step. Remember to check for air bubbles after completing this step as well.

3) Flip one of the metal blanks over and measure 1/8" from the edge. Use your scribe to make a mark. Now transfer the blank over to a steel dapping block draped with a thick material such as a scrap strip of leather. Use your center punch and hammer to make an indent on the mark.

4) Remove the strip of thick material and set the metal blank into the jaws of a ring clamp. Run the drill bit (1/16") that is set in the flex shaft machine through a bit of Cut Lube, and then drill a hole through the indent on the metal blank. Use a larger drill bit on the front of the metal blank to clear any resin swarf that may have formed while drilling.

5) Open the 6mm Jump ring and fit it through the metal blank. Close this jump ring and then open the 4mm jump ring and use this to attach the 6mm jump ring to the loop at the base of one of the lever back earrings. Close this jump ring.

7) Repeat steps 3-5 to finish creating the other earring. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 2oz Jewerly Resin Kit (JR1002)
2 Gold Plated Lever Back Earwires (EW027)
2 Gold Plated 4mm Jump Rings (JR201)
2 Gold Color 6mm Jump Rings (JR332)
1 Pkg. of Polish Ultra Pads (BF695)
Cut Lube (BR180)
Center Punch (CP450)
Brass Hammer (HA456)
1 Pkg. of Stir Sticks (JR1012)
1 Pkg. of 1oz. Mixing Cups (JR1030)
Flex Shaft (PO270) Ring Clamp (RC655) Scribe (SC530) Safety Glasses (SG301)

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