Color Waves Bracelet Project

Color Waves Bracelet Project

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1) Unravel 8' of hemp cording from the card. Set aside.

2) Pick up the spool of memory wire and count three loops from the end of the spool. Go past this mark by about 2" and then cut the section of memory wire with your memory wire cutters. Roll one end around slightly with your round nose pliers and then tie one end of the hemp cording to this loop with an overhand knot. Secure with a couple of dots of glue and allow to dry. (Make sure that the knot is tight)

3) Wrap the hemp cording around the memory wire twice and then lay the end of the ball chain onto the wire and keep it in place as you begin to lash the hemp cording around the spaces inbetween each of the balls of the chain. Keep your lashing fairly tight and this will secure the ball chain to the memory wire.

4)When you lash on the last part of the ball chain, take the hemp cording and wrap around the wire twice and then make an overhand knot with the hemp cording, cutting off the excess after applying a couple of dots of glue to secure the knot.

5) With your round nose pliers, roll the end of the wire over (cutting off any excess with your memory wire pliers if need be). Done.

Quantity of Items Needed
3 Loops of Memory Wire (BR143)
2' Ball Chain 3.2mm Silver Color (CN932)
8' Hemp Cord 1mm Mini Card Variegated Taffy (HM1019)
1 G-S Hypo-Tube Cement (GL400)

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