Classy Frame Necklace

Classy Frame Necklace

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1) Open one JR805, using PL490 and PL491 and fit around corner of FR1403. Close the Jump ring.

2) Take one 5" piece of BW015, and thread through the jump ring JR805 from step #1, making a 'U' shape with the wire so that the ends match up.

3) String one BD885 over the two strands and cinch snuggle against the closed jumpring from step #1.

4) Thread one CN905 over both strings and fit snuggle against BD885 in step #3.

5) Crimp the tube portion of CN905 and cut off excess wire with PL495.

6) Open another JR805 and attach to the other end of the FR1403 used in step #2.

7) Use the other strand of BD015 on JR805 in step #6 and repeat steps #2-5. This will create one FR1403 with one BD885 on either end (2 total).

Preparing the bottom frame:
8) Open another JR805 and fit around the remaining crystal frame (FR1403) and one of the crimped looped ends of CN905. Close this jump ring using PL490 and PL491.

To attach frames to necklace:
9) Open one JR805 and fir the looped end of the final unattached CN905 and close the jump ring using PL490 and PL491.

10) Slide JR805 onto the 16" Sterling Silver Snake Chain (CH1006).
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