Christmas Gifts Earring Project

Christmas Gifts Earring Project

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Quantity of Items Needed
2 Emerald 8mm Swarovski Cubes (CU8012)
4 Siam 4mm Swarovksi Bicones (AC4008)
2 Gold Plated Rococo 6mm Square Beads (BD2045)
2 Bow Bead Caps 11x6mm Pewter Antique Gold Plated (BC4054)
2 Gold Plated 1.5" 21ga Head Pins(HP152)
2 Gold Plated French Hook Earwires (SH302)


1) Pick up one of the head pins and thread on one siam bicone, one rococo square bead, an emerald cube crystal, a bow bead cap and another siam bicone. Make a simple loop with the remaining wire.

2) Open the loop at the base of the ear wire and slide on the simple loop. Close the ear wire loop. Repeat both steps to create the second earring. Done!
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