Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

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Quantity of Items Needed

1 Swarovski 11x8mm Platinum Crystal Pearl (PR7230)
11 Swarovski 8mm Platinum Crystal Pearls (PR8230)
23 Swarovski 6x4mm Light Grey Opal Briolette Beads (SD6383)
23 Silver Plated 3mm Round Beads (BD303)
11 Silver Color 1.5" 21ga Eyepins (EP113)
 8" Silver Plated 3mm Chain (cut further down into 1" lengths) (CN745)
1 Antique Silver Plated 3 Loop Connector (CN5061)
1 Silver Color Torpedo Clasp (BC513)
1 Silver Plated 5mm Corrugated Bead Cap (BC1030)


1) Take one Eyepin and thread on one 3mm Round Bead, a Briolette Bead, a pearl, another Briolette Bead, and finally one more 3mm Round Bead. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose Pliers, make a simple loop with the remaining wire. Before closing this Simple Loop completely, thread on one of the 1" lengths of chain. After this length of chain is secured, take another Eyepin and repeat this step, making sure that this beaded Eyepin is attached to the length of chain that was attached to the first beaded Eyepin that you created in this step. Continue until you have five beaded Eyepins with four 1" lengths of chain inbetween.

2) Repeat all of step #1 over again to make the other side of the necklace.

3) Take the Headpin and thread on the teardrop pearl, followed by the Bead Cap, Briolette bead, and a 3mm Round Bead. Make a Simple Loop with the remaining Headpin wire using your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers. Take the last Eyepin and repeat the beading pattern as you did for all of the other beaded Eyepins in this project. Open one of the loop slightly on the Eyepin and attach the beaded Headpin. With the other end of this beaded Eyepin, open the loop slightly and attach to the bottom loop of the 3-loop Connector. Make sure all loops are closed and secure.

4) Take one of the long beaded Eyepin/Chain lengths and slightly open the loop at one of the ends. Attach this loop to one of the side loops on the 3-loop Connector. Repeat this step with the other long beaded Eyepin/Chain lengths; attaching to the other side loop of the 3-loop Connector.

To Finish.

5) Move up the beaded Eyepin/Chain lengths to the two unattached ends. Open both of the loops on either side of the necklace slightly and use each of these to attach to either side of the Torpedo Clasp. Make sure all loops are closed securely throughout the whole necklace and you're done!
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