Canyon Bracelet Project

Canyon Bracelet Project

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1) Take one of the 18" lengths of leather cording and thread on one half of the Toggle Clasp. Make an overhand knot with the leather cording and pull on the cord so that the knot will be about 5mm from the connector loop. Line up the cording tail and the remaining cord and make a small "u" at the end of one of the lengths of Gold Wire. Slip the "u" around the back of the two cords (the tail and the rest) and begin to wrap around the two. Wrap the Gold wire around 4-5 times. Cut off the wire and cut the Leather Cording tail. Thread the other 18" length of wire through the other connector loop on the Toggle Clasp and then take the same Gold Wire as before and wrap around just as you did before. Take your time to make sure that the knots are made in the same direction and that they are the same distance from the connector loop on the Toggle Clasp.

2) Measure about 1" down the Leather Cording and thread on a 5-Loop Connector onto each of the cords. Make another overhand knot, and thread on another 5-Loop Connector. Repeat this again one more time.

3) Make another overhand knot and then with one of the leather cords, thread on the other half of the Toggle Clasp. Make an overhand knot with this cord and set it so that it's about 1" from the last overhand knot that used both of the Leather Cords. Line up the cording tail over the remaining leather cord, and wrap a bit of Gold Wire like you did in step #1 over both about 4-5 times. Cut away the leather cord tail and Gold Wire when done. Repeat this step to attach the other leather cord to the Toggle Clasp.

4) Wrap the Gold Wire around the end loop on one of the 5-Loop Connectors and begin to fit an Indicolite Round bead in between each of the spaces on the top of the connector and keeping it in place by threading the fastened Gold Wire through each of the beads after doing so. When all of the beads are threaded in between each of the spaces, wrap the tail of the Gold Wire around the loop at the end of the Connector. Repeat this entire step again for the remaining two un-beaded Connectors. When you're through, double check all of your wrappings. Done!

Quantity of Items Needed
1 2-Strand Toggle Clasp 19x14mm Pewter Gold Plated (CL1061)
3 5 Loop Connector w/ 2 Holes 23x7mm Pewter Antique Gold Plated (CN1080)
1-2' of Round Wire 24ga Gold Filled (GR124)
2 18" Lengths of Leather Cord Brown 1mm (LC106)
12 Swarovski Round 5000 Bead 4mm Indicolite (RB4923)

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